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Deploying Workspace Desktop Edition for GIR

You can use the Workspace Desktop Edition (formerly known as Interaction Workspace) for GIR as the agent's desktop.

Installing Workspace Desktop Edition

To install and configure the Workspace Desktop Editon, see the Workspace Desktop Edition 8.5 Deployment Guide. You can learn more about the desktop here.

Configuring Workspace Desktop Edition

In addition to the configuration described in the deployment guide, you must configure the Workspace Desktop Edition as follows:

  1. Set the MSML recording parameters:
    Parameter Name Value
    active-recording.voice.recorder-uri Leave empty. The file recording destination is configured through the GVP IVR Profile.
    active-recording.voice.recording-type MSML
  2. Configure the desktop to attach data:
    • In the interaction-workspace section, set interaction.case-data.format-business-attribute=CaseData where CaseData is the name of the Business Attributes object that contains a list of attributes that are the attached data keys.

To allow integration with the Screen Recording Client, see:

Integrating with Workspace Desktop Edition

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