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About Genesys Interaction Recording

Genesys Interaction Recording (GIR) is a compliance and control platform based on Genesys SIP, the T-Lib protocol, and the Genesys proprietary event model. Fully integrated to the CIM platform, Genesys Interaction Recording provides economies and powerful recording control via a host of integrations across the suite.

The voice portion of interaction recording relies on Media Server to perform Dual Channel Recording, where Media Server captures the audio from the RTP streams and makes them available to the recording storage.

The screen portion of interaction recording relies on a Screen Recording Client running on the Agent Desktop to perform screen captures and makes them available to the recording storage via Interaction Recording Web Services (or Web Services if you're using version or earlier).

Additional events and information are provided by the SIP Server (via ICON) for voice interactions and by the Interaction Server for non-voice interactions (like emails, chats, etc.).

This powerful solution will enable the modern contact center to record the entire customer interaction, using the Genesys Speech and Text Analytics platform, across multiple sites and interactions, allowing the contact center to meet quality or regulatory compliance requirements.

Genesys provides your organization with reliable, high-quality recordings of both audio communications and desktop screen activity. Now you can capture 100% of all interactions, even if customers are transferred multiple times to agents in geographically dispersed locations. Interaction recordings can even be shared and sent through email to your agents, managers or customers, as required. And, if there is a customer complaint or dispute, interaction metadata saves you valuable time in locating the right interaction from thousands of hours of recordings.

Integrated into the Genesys Customer Experience Platform, through native integration with the Genesys SIP communications infrastructure, you can record 100% of all interactions. Genesys Interaction Recording can analyze metadata from each interaction and evaluate which interactions must be recorded using user-defined recording rules. Employing this same metadata, you can quickly search and retrieve stored recordings, helping to resolve any customer complaints more efficiently.

Your customer service organization can benefit immediately from recording integration, as configuration and maintenance are performed within one platform. You can define recording profiles to meet internal and external policy requirements, including the ability to archive recorded sessions to separate storage locations. Single sign-on and role-based access ensures recorded interactions are viewed by authorized employees only, and sensitive data is hidden to prevent unauthorized data loss.

Core Capabilities

An example of some of the available core capabilities of the Genesys Interaction Recording solution are as follows:

  • Full-time recording—Records every call for a specific DN through configuration.
  • Selective recording—A decision to record a party in the call is made at a Routing Point and the recording starts as soon as the call is established.
  • Dynamic recording—Recording Sessions are established on an as-needed basis after the Communication Session is established. T-Library recording functions are provided to allow third parties, such as Agent Desktop, to record on demand.
  • A call recording can be started while supervisor monitoring is enabled.
  • Real-time control of the call recording—The recording can be paused and resumed on demand by the agent, or by the workflow when the customer provides sensitive data such as a PIN. This is the same functionality as Dynamic recording.
  • Support of secured communications such as SIPS and SRTP.
  • IVR recording.
  • Screen recording.
  • Genesys Administrator Extension plug-in for the administration of Call Recording.
  • Speech and Text Analytics direct audio support.
  • Geo Location for WAN/Latency cost control.
  • Audio Tones for compliance.
  • Multi-site call recording and retrieval.
  • Multiple storage locations at a single site.
  • Full PKCS #7 encryption.
  • Storage, Retrieval, and Archive support.
  • Systemic monitoring and alarming.
  • Unified UI across Call Recording, QM, and Speech Analytics.
  • Record via attached data – "Call Type=Gold Credit Card".
  • Architectures: Cloud / Premise / Hybrid.
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