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Disk Storage Recommendations

This section provides disk storage recommendations for premise Genesys Interaction Recording deployments.

MP3 is the archival and playback format; therefore, the storage sizing is a direct function of the MP3 bitrate, the duration of recording files, and the retention period. The estimates below are based on calculations using MP3 recordings at 16 kbit/s.

Storage Size Estimations

There are three sizing levels considered:

  1. Small—0 to 150 seats
  2. Medium—150 to 300 seats
  3. Large—300 to 1000 seats

The following tables provide estimates per level.

Small Medium Large
Average Calls per Day 11400 22800 96000
Average Call Duration 210 210 210
Storage Period (Days) 100 100 100
Quality Small Medium Large Quality Small Medium Large
Average Size per Day in GB Average Storage in TB
16 kilobytes per second 4.6 9.2 38.4 16 kilobytes per second 0.44 0.9 3.76
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