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Deploying Genesys Interaction Recording in a Single-Tenant Deployment

Installation considerations

This section provides the deployment steps required to configure GIR with a single-tenant Configuration Server.

Each component should be sized according to the Tenant sizing needs.

Once the deployment steps are completed, the tenant will include the following items:

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Tenant components

The following is a list of the components that can be deployed as tenant-specific components:

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Single-Tenant Deployment

This section provides the tasks required to install and configure the Genesys components and features for Genesys Interaction Recording.

To successfully deploy GIR in a single-tenant deployment, you must perform the following procedures in the order presented:

  1. Genesys Administrator Extension
  2. Interaction Recording Web Services (RWS) (or Web Services and Applications if you're using version or earlier)
  3. SIP Server
  4. Interaction Concentrator (ICON)
  5. Recording Processor Script or Voice Processor
  6. Recording Crypto Server
  7. Recording Plug-in for GAX
  8. Genesys Voice Platform
  9. Screen Recording Client
  10. User Access
  11. Workspace Desktop Edition
  12. Speech and Text Analytics (SpeechMiner)
  13. Security (TLS)
  14. Media Lifecycle Management
  15. Geo-Location
  16. Audio Tones
  17. Encrypting and Provisioning Certificates
  18. Enable Call Recording
  19. Enable Screen Recording
  20. Recording Storage Folder Hierarchy
  21. Load Balancing
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