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Deploying SIP Server for GIR

Genesys Interaction Recording (GIR) needs SIP Server for routing, call control and to initiate the recordings.

The following steps describe how to deploy and configure SIP Server for GIR, and how to configure the DNs for GIR.

SIP Server

  1. Install and configure SIP Server as described in the SIP Server Deployment Guide.
  2. In addition to the configuration described in the deployment guide, set the following SIP Server options:
    Section Name Parameter Name Description
    TServer msml-support Set to true to enable support of the call recording solution.
    resource-management-by-rm Set to true to enable support of the call recording solution.

    Resource monitoring and notification will be done by the Resource Manager. SIP Server will contact Media Server through Resource Manager.

    msml-record-support Set to true to enable SIP Server to engage GVP as a Media Server through the msml protocol for call recording.
    msml-record-metadata-support Set to true to send additional metadata in the INFO message of Genesys Media Server when starting call recording.
    record-consult-calls Specifies whether to record consult calls:
    • true—record consult calls.
    • false—do not record consult calls.
    recording-filename Must be set to $UUID$_$DATE$_$TIME$

VoIP Service DN

  1. Create a new MSML DN object and add the following parameters to the General tab:
    • Number = The name of the MSML Server
    • Type= Voice over IP Service
  2. Add the following parameters to the Annex tab of the new DN:
    Section Name Parameter Name Description
    TServer contact Set this to the Resource Manager IP address and port. Use the following format:

    sip: <Resource Manager_IP_address:Resource Manager_SIP_port>
    Specifies the contact URI that SIP Server uses for communication with the treatment server.

    service-type Set to msml
    prefix Set to msml=
    subscription-id Set to the name of the tenant to which this SIP Server belongs, using the following syntax <TenantName>
    refer-enabled Set to false
    make-call-rfc3725-flow Set to 1
    ring-tone-on-make-call Set to false
    sip-hold-rfc3264 Set to true
    oos-check Set to 5
    oos-force Set to 4

Agent DN

On the Agent's DN, set the following parameter:

  • If you are using WDE or WWE, set the enable-agentlogin-presence parameter to false as the required information is provided by WDE or WWE.
  • If you are not using WDE or WWE, set enable-agentlogin-presence to true. This option is required to provide agent hierarchy and name to SpeechMiner to ensure correct access limitations.

Agent Login

If you want to record your agent's After Call Work (ACW) time screen, on the Annex of the Agent Login object, in the [TServer] section, set the wrap-up-time by seconds; for example, set wrap-up-time=10.

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