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Upgrading Cassandra to 2.2

Genesys Interaction Recording (GIR) supports Cassandra versions 2.2 and 1.2. If you are using Cassandra 1.2, you can maintain this version or upgrade to Cassandra 2.2.

Directly upgrading from 1.2 to 2.2 is not supported, therefore you need to upgrade your Cassandra versions in several steps. For example 1.2 > 2.0 > 2.1 > 2.2. For more information about upgrading Cassandra, see the Upgrading Apache Cassandra section in Cassandra Upgrade Guide.

No Screen Recordings are made during the upgrade of Cassandra.

To minimize the risk of losing screen recordings, upgrade Cassandra during off-hours. During the migration, GIR still operates with voice recording capabilities. After the Cassandra cluster is back in service, you can process the metadata information for voice recordings that was saved during the migration by initiating the recovery procedure of the Recording Processor Script—as described in step 5 below.

  1. Stop all Interaction Recording Web Services nodes.
  2. Perform Cassandra upgrade according to the Cassandra Upgrade Guide.
  3. When configuring Cassandra 2.2 according to the Datastax instructions, you must enable the thrift interface. Set the start_rpc parameter to true in the cassandra.yaml file
  4. Start all Interaction Recording Web Services nodes.
  5. After the upgrade, run the LVR Recovery Script to recover recordings from the Recording Processor failed folder and repost the recordings to Interaction Recording Web Services, as failed voice recordings accumulate while the Cassandra cluster is unavailable.
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