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GIR Alarms

The following is a list of the alarms. The list includes a summary of the possible cause and resolution for each alarm.

[+] Playback Error: Non-Encrypted

[+] Playback Error - Encrypted

[+] Add Certificate

[+] Delete Certificate

[+] Error accessing agent hierarchy (SWITCH NAME, AGENT ID) from Config Server cache

[+] RP failed to access local queue for message processing

[+] JSON loading error. Deleting record: UUID

[+] Could not access metadata...

[+] Fail to retrieve update from config server, connection might be broken

[+] Could not access contact center: URI

[+] Unable to query Interaction Recording Web Services (or Web Services if you're using version or earlier) for list of contact centers: CC URI

[+] Fail to parse party information of call UUID with Exception, EXCEPTION

[+] Could not read ICON DB configuration.

[+] Fail to query agent state update from ICON

[+] Fail to parse ICON result for agent state update, EXCEPTION

[+] No ICON DB configuration information found!

[+] Error Message - Can not retrieve data from DB

[+] Failed to POST to URI

[+] Could not access event time: EVENT

[+] Could not access event uuid: EVENT

[+] Could not access last event: EVENT ID

[+] Could not parse stop time

[+] Could not mask credentials

[+] Back up metadata record failed: cannot make directory [DIRECTORY]

[+] Back up metadata record into [FILE NAME] failed.

[+] Error getting record from GWS RECORD ID

[+] Processing error

[+] Could not access event uuids: UUID

[+] Could not merge records. Skipping merge: UUID

[+] Could not access metadata to merge...

[+] Could not save merged metadata: UUID

[+] Exception thrown when applying interaction callType

[+] Could not add partitions: UUID

[+] Invalid lock released: ID

[+] Fail to start web server URL

[+] Could not parse auth. header

[+] Failed to process metadata: DATA

[+] Contact center (ID1) does not match (ID2). ID: ID3

[+] Unable to initialize contact center cache

[+] Unable to access configuration server data

[+] error in backup thread


[+] SQLite3 warning: SQL CMD - PARAMETERS

[+] SQLite3 rollback error

[+] error in processing thread

[+] Fatal exception occurred during metadata processing


[+] Failed to reconnect to config server

[+] Fail to parse ICON customized data: ERROR

[+] Failure: DESCRIPTION Headers: HEADERS

[+] Content: CONTENT

[+] Failed to GET record from URL ERROR MSG

[+] Failed to parse record from URL ERROR MSG Content: PAY LOAD

[+] Failed to vacuum

[+] Failed to merge data

[+] Failed to compile regex pattern for ud_filter: ERROR

[+] Failed to compile regex pattern for acw_filter: ERROR

[+] Failed to compile regex pattern for ud_filter_exception: ERROR

[+] Failed to compile regex pattern for acw_filter_exception: ERROR

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