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Genesys Interaction Recording Components

The following components are involved in the Genesys Interaction Recording architecture, and their roles are described in each of the solutions that follow.

  • Management Framework—The foundation for all Genesys-based interaction management systems. Management Framework provides you with the following administration functions: Configuration, Access Control, Solution Control, Alarm Processing, Troubleshooting, and Fault Management.
  • Genesys Administator and Genesys Administrator Extension—The user-friendly interfaces that perform complex operations such as configuration, maintenance, and administrator of the contact center objects.
  • SIP Server—The core competency of SIP Server is routing and call control, and SIP Server is responsible to initiate call recording by using media control to direct media towards Media Server.
  • Resource Manager—A SIP Proxy that manages a pool of Genesys Media Servers and applies runtime policies such as ensuring call legs to the same conference are pinned to the same Media Server. Resource Manager also generates the call detail record (CDR) that allows correlation with individual call recordings.
  • Media Server—Performs the actual file-based recording. Media Server is also responsible for negotiating the media between the endpoints, to minimize the need for transcoding, or to preserve security of the audio stream.
  • Reporting Server—An optional component in this solution; this provides storage of CDR and call events for Resource Manager and Media Server, and provides a web service to provide the user (through Genesys Administrator) the ability to query CDR and other call event information.
  • Workspace Desktop Edition—The smart-client application that provides agents and knowledge workers with non-intrusive access to the information, processes, and applications they need to perform their jobs more efficiently and to ensure increased customer satisfaction.
  • SpeechMiner—SpeechMiner leverages recorded customer interactions (from any recording system) and analyzes each call for critical business topics and events. With unmatched accuracy, the system “listens” to conversations between customers and contact-center agents, precisely identifies the topics that were discussed, and categorizes what took place within each interaction. In the Genesys Interaction Recording solution context, the SpeechMiner analytics capability is disabled; however, it is limited to perform indexing, searching and playback of recordings.
  • Voice Processor—A Node.JS based microservice responsible for sending call recording metadata to the Interaction Recording Web Services (or Web Services if you're using version or earlier) and SpeechMiner servers.
  • Recording Processor—A Python script responsible for sending call recording metadata to the Interaction Recording Web Services (or Web Services if you're using version or earlier) and SpeechMiner servers.
  • Recording Crypto Server—Provides the Key Management System for the Genesys Interaction Recording solution.
  • Recording Plug-in for GAX—Provides the user the ability to manage and administer recording certificates and policies.
  • Screen Recording Client—Records screens at the direction of Interaction Recording Web Services (Web Services), encrypts them using certificates indicated by Interaction Recording Web Services (Web Services), and then uploads them to Interaction Recording Web Services (Web Services).
  • Interaction Recording Web Services API (Web Services API)—A REST API that provides a web client interface to access Genesys services.
  • Interaction Concentrator—The server for the Interaction Database (or IDB) to store detailed reporting data from various sources in a contact center empowered with Genesys software.
  • Interaction Server—The component that is responsible, in concert with the Routing components, to route interactions (non-voice) according to interaction workflows and routing strategies.

The following diagram illustrates these components in a premise deployment (click on the picture to increase the size):

In the diagram below, the GIR Voice Processor can be used instead of the Recording Processor Script (RPS).
Genesys Interaction Recording Architecture
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