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Deploying Interaction Recording Web Services (RWS)

The content on this page only applies to versions of Genesys Interaction Recording newer than If you're using an earlier version, you'll need to install Web Services and Applications instead. See Deploying Web Services and Applications for GIR for details.

If you upgrade to Interaction Recording Web Services (RWS), it does not provide API support for non-GIR related Web Services, such as Workspace Web Edition.

Genesys Interaction Recording (GIR) needs the Interaction Recording Web Services component to store and manage recording files.

Complete the steps below to install and configure Interaction Recording Web Services and its supporting components:

  1. Review the Prerequisites. Make sure all supporting components are installed and configured.
  2. Deploy Cassandra
  3. WebDAV Requirements
  4. Initialize Cassandra
  5. Elasticsearch
  6. Install Interaction Recording Web Services (RWS)
  7. Deploy the web application
  8. Configure Interaction Recording Web Services
  9. Configure additional security (optional)
  10. Start and test Interaction Recording Web Services
  11. Configure your required features
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