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Genesys Interaction Recording API Reference

Welcome to the Genesys Interaction Recording Application Programming Interface (API) Reference. The purpose of this API reference is to explain:

  • The resources and methods available to developers.
  • The initialization and maintenance of the session between the Screen Recording Service and Interaction Recording Web Services (or Web Services if you're using version or earlier).
  • The API provided by Interaction Recording Web Services.

The Genesys Screen Recording Service (SRS) API associates the desktop with a specific agent. As a result, voice recording automatically includes screen recording. That is, SRS is designed to run in the background on an Agent's PC to capture on-screen activity while the Agent handles voice interactions with the customer. SRS provides a communication channel over HTTP(S) for Agent Desktop applications that can initiate and manage the session between SRS and Interaction Recording Web Services (Web Services). For information on how to use the Screen Recording Service API, see Using the Screen Recording API.

The Screen Recording Service API does not provide recording control functionality and therefore you cannot trigger recording using this API. To generate recording, you must have an associated interaction. The events related to recording control (start, stop) are generated by Interaction Recording Web Services (Web Services) and are passed to the Screen Recording Service using a different channel.

Each category presents information about relevant operations, related resources, request parameters, and return values.

This guide describes the following:

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