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New in Release 8.5.1

This page describes the major changes to the Genesys Performance Management Advisors Deployment Guide in release 8.5.1. To help you understand when Genesys released specific new features or functionality for Performance Management Advisors, or when certain updates or corrections were made to this Guide, changes to this Guide are grouped by Advisors Platform releases.

Introduced with Advisors Platform Release

  • The minimum supported version of the Adobe Flash Player is now
  • Advisors applications support Genesys Stat Server 8.5.1. At the time of this release, Genesys had completed testing with Stat Server release 8.5.102.
  • Support has been added for the Oracle database 12c JDBC driver.
  • The Prerequisites for Advisors Platform have been updated with additional information in the following areas:
  • An Important note has been added to the Prerequisites for CCAdv and WA page related to XML Generator and the connection to the Genesys Configuration Server when you are installing XML Generator on an existing Advisors Platform server.
  • The list of permissions to assign to the Advisors User has been updated. Starting with this release, the Advisors User requires additional permissions if you use the Resource Management Console (RMC) to manage agent skills in your enterprise. Related to this, there is a change in the permissions that you assign to the RMC users (that is, the people in your enterprise who manage skills using the RMC) – see Configuring RMC Users in the Genesys Configuration Layer in the Genesys Contact Center Advisor and Workforce Advisor Administrator User's Guide.
  • The page in this Guide that describes the use of LoggedIn scripts has been updated to include information about the use of LoggedIn script–based virtual agent groups (VAG) in the RMC.
  • The ProxyPass statement that allows you to access the FA Administration module from the CCAdv/WA Platform server has been updated to include a timeout value. While this is updated in this Guide for Advisors Platform Release, Genesys recommends that you add the timeout value for all Advisors 8.5.1 releases.
  • Additional information has been added to the How it Works section of the Advisors and the Backup Solution Control Server topic.

Introduced with Advisors Platform Release

Introduced with Advisors Platform Release

  • Starting in release 8.5.1, Stat Server registration is no longer done during deployment. Previously, you input Stat Server connection information in installer screens, which registered the Stat Servers. You now execute dedicated database procedures against the Advisors Platform database to:
    • register or remove Stat Server instances
    • add, edit, or remove Stat Server configuration settings related to Advisors
    For information, see Manage Advisors Stat Server Instances.
  • Some Advisors modules now require integration with Solution Control Server. Advisors now support warm standby high availability for these modules. For information, see Integration with Solution Control Server and Warm Standby.
  • CCAdv XML Generator is a standalone module starting in release 8.5.1. You can continue to install it on a system on which you installed Advisors Platform, or you can install XML Generator on a system without Advisors Platform. For information about properties stored in XML Generator files, see Find and Edit XML Generator Properties
  • Starting in release 8.5.1, Advisors Genesys Adapters (AGA) can request statistics for CCAdv configured objects only after you start XML Generator.
  • Advisors now support Oracle 12c and Microsoft SQL Server 2012 servers, including SQL Server clustering. Installer screens related to database connection have changed. The Basic connection properties for Oracle no longer include SID. Instead, the Oracle service name must be provided. For more flexibility, an Advanced connectivity option is available for both Microsoft SSQL and Oracle that allows adding a custom connection string previously prepared in a text file.
  • Advisors alert and action management features can accumulate obsolete historical alert and action management report data that the Advisors application never removes automatically. A maintenance procedure is added to the Platform database that can remove the obsolete data based on configurable criteria. A database administrator can schedule a job or execute the procedure manually to periodically delete CCAdv and WA expired alerts, archived FA threshold violations, or purge key action reports that are associated with expired alerts. For more information, see Purge Key Action Reports and Historical Alerts.
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