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Welcome to Frontline Advisor Manager Help

The Frontline Advisor Manager interface gives you a real−time view of agent activity. Customizable alerts draw immediate attention to agents who need coaching and enable you to more effectively manage results and performance−related activity, good, or otherwise.

The real−time data enables you to correct problems and reinforce progress as it happens, not after the break or during the next shift. Frontline Advisor puts everything you need to pay attention to in a single location, so you can capture the priority issues and quickly direct your attention to the agents who need coaching.

Current status, performance, behavioral, or activity−based data can be presented in customized views. Sophisticated, configurable business rules monitor key performance indicators and then notify you of situations requiring immediate attention.

The alert activity in Frontline Advisor and Agent Advisor makes agent activity trends more obvious, which increases efficiency so you have more time to spend with agents.

Role-Based Access Control

Access to alerts, metrics, and hierarchies is controlled by roles defined by the administrator (role−based access). This means that you can see only alerts, metrics (and reports that concern such metrics), and hierarchies/nodes to which the administrator specifically grants access.

Metrics and Alerts

When you have access to a metric or alert:

  • You see the metric on the dashboard.
  • You see the metric on the column chooser.
  • You see alerts for the metric.

Hierarchy Access

Role−based access control means that you might not be able to navigate to all child nodes in the hierarchy. Only those child nodes are displayed to which specific access has been granted by administrators. For example, this might permit a group leader to see all teams and agents under them, but only the aggregated values at higher−level nodes in the hierarchy.

In order to perform threshold or rule overrides at any given node, you must have specific change permission for that node. In the above example, the group leader could be granted change access at the group level and below, but not at higher−level nodes, because this would affect other groups that the group leader cannot see.


Users with visual impairment can work with the hierarchy monitoring pages of Frontline Advisor using an accessibility interface. Frontline Advisor supports JAWS Standard version 11, an accessibility interface that provides a series of keyboard shortcuts for navigating the tabulated information on the screen. The screen contents are translated into voice in the local language.

The Frontline Advisor accessibility interface supports Internet Explorer 6 and higher (Genesys recommends that you use Internet Explorer 8).

To log in to the accessibility interface use the URL specific to your enterprise.

Language options are dependent on the version of Advisors used in your enterprise. The login page URL uses the following format:


When the login page is loaded, the software prompts you to enter your user name and password.

To exit from the accessibility interface, press "B" on your keyboard.

Printing Options

When the Print button is selected, you can create a PDF, then select print features for the selected printer (paper size, font family, font size, and paper orientation) from a print dialog.

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