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Welcome to the Contact Center Advisor and Workforce Advisor Help

Contact Center Advisor (CCAdv) and Workforce Advisor (WA) display real-time contact center activity throughout the enterprise and enable you to view operations from a central point of reference. WA complements CCAdv by integrating workforce data to enable the proactive management of agent schedule adherence by correlating actual staffing levels to those forecasted. WA calculates the deviations between actual and scheduled or forecasted metrics. Information technology and business operations personnel can proactively manage both business and technical aspects of the contact center operations and take action to correct problems before they affect the business operation.

Predefined alerting conditions on applications and contact groups can be established to display alerts on the dashboard, as well as notify designated users.

Accessibility Interface

The Advisors products include an accessibility interface for users with visual impairment.  For more information, see Accessibility.

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