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Logging Out an Agent

You can use Resource Management to log out agents from T-Server or SIP Server. You can do this if you work in a role that has access to the Manage Status panel.

You can change the agents that appear in one page of the RMC dashboard. The most that can appear is 150 agents, therefore you can log out up to 150 agents at once in a single transaction.

RMC does not log out an agent whose status already displays as Logged Out. When logging out agents, it prompts you to select at least one agent that is not already logged out, and ignores those that are already logged out.

To change an agent’s status to logged out:

  1. In the CCAdv or WA dashboard, select an object related to agents. See Using Resource Management.
  2. Launch Resource Management.
  3. Select the check boxes next to the agents that are to be logged out. To select agents adjacent to one another in the list, select one agent check box then SHIFT + click to select the check box for the last agent in the adjacent set.
  4. Select Logged Out from the Manage Status drop-down list and then click Apply. A dialog box opens for you to confirm the action.
    • To see which agents are going to be logged out, select the Show Agents check box.

Once the notification dialog is displayed, you can do one of the following:

  • Notify people of the change of status. See Notifying About Change to Skill or Status.
  • Click Submit at the bottom to log out the agent(s) without any notifications.
  • Return to Resource Management without saving changes. Click Cancel.

See also Selecting Agents.

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