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Usage Guidelines

This page lists and describes how to use general dashboard features.

  • When logging in and out, the following are retained: the time profile, metric sequence, column sorting, column widths, row expansions, the location of the splitter, the grouping, and the last-selected module.
  • When the denominator is zero or the data is not available, the dashboard displays N/A.
  • If a metric value cannot ever be supplied by the data source, a dash (-) is displayed in its place.
  • When a contact center is closed or the values for a region or application group are all zeros, the row is not displayed.
  • A data connectivity indicator changes from green to red if an external data source has not updated within a configured time frame. When it is red, if you put your cursor over it, it will show you the name of the external data source that has not updated. Designated individuals are notified by e-mail when a violation is triggered.
  • The last update time indicates the time of the last data refresh.
  • To stop the data from updating, click the Pause button Pause.gif. The button changes to Play.gif and the update status indicator changes to yellow. The data resumes updating if you select a new hierarchy grouping.
  • To resume updating the data, click the Play button Play.gif. The button changes back to Pause.gif, the update status indicator changes to green, and the real-time updates resume.
  • The update status indicator in the top-right corner changes to red No data.gif when the dashboard cannot detect any data to display.
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