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Choosing the Information to Monitor

On the Contact Centers pane, select the organizational hierarchy from the drop-down menu, select the metrics and a row, then click the Performance Monitor button PerfMon button.jpg. The Performance Monitor window appears on the desktop outside of the browser.

Only metrics to which you have access are displayed.
  • The metric values refresh continuously.
  • The path of the selected row on the Contact Centers pane is shown at the top of the Performance Monitor (for example, Consumer - Internet Banking - Billing Gold).
  • The hierarchy and metrics remain until you change the information on the Contact Centers pane and click the launch icon. If you do not click the launch icon, you can change the columns and groupings on the Contact Centers pane without closing the current Performance Monitor window.
  • The Application Metric boxes are deleted if you change the grouping, click the Performance Monitor button PerfMon button00001.jpg, and then click OK to the Are You Sure? prompt. The Performance Monitor is updated with the newly selected grouping. Clicking Cancel to the Are You Sure? prompt cancels the update of the Performance Monitor.
  • The Refresh Rate indicator shows when the metric values will be refreshed.

Refresh rate ind.gif

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