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Scenario 3—Call Volumes Fall, Reduce Staffing Levels

Call volumes are falling off and expected to stay that way. How many people can you send home? As you let people go home, you do not want ASA to drop lower than 30 seconds.

How many agents are required when AHT is 300 seconds and ASA is 30 seconds?

  1. Click WhatIf input.gif and set the value of CALLS lower, from 10 calls per minute to 500 calls per hour.
  2. Click WhatIf input.gif and change the value of AHT back to 300 seconds.
  3. Unpin AGENTS.
  4. Click WhatIf input.gif and set the value of ASA to 30 seconds.
  5. Unpin SL.
  6. Click Calculate. The number of agents drops to 46, but service level is below 70%, which is unacceptable.

What if you keep 47 agents instead of 46?

  1. Leave AGENTS pinned (WhatIf input.gif ) and change the value of AGENTS from 46 to 47.
  2. Click Calculate. Service level rises to 77.5%, which is acceptable.


Move the borrowed agent back to their original queue. Roll one agent off the phones each half hour, but only if service level remains at 80% or higher. You can expect to allow up to seven agents to go home (55 agents, minus a borrowed agent, minus 7 more, which results in the 47 agents you calculated for).

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