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Genesys Frontline Advisor Administration User's Guide

The Genesys Frontline Advisor Administration User's Guide provides information to help you understand and use the Frontline Advisor administration page.

Frontline Advisor improves both agent performance and customer satisfaction by giving supervisors a real-time view of agent activity. Customizable alerts draw immediate attention to performance-related activity, good, or otherwise.

The real-time data enables supervisors to correct problems and reinforce progress as it happens, not after the break or during the next shift. Frontline Advisor puts everything supervisors need to pay attention to in a single location, so they can capture the priority issues and quickly direct their attention to areas that may require attention.

Current status, performance, behavioral- or activity-based data can be presented in customized views. Sophisticated, configurable business rules monitor key performance indicators and call attention to situations requiring immediate attention.

The alert activity in Frontline Advisor makes agent activity trends more obvious.

Frontline Advisor is designed to help agents raise their performance, allowing supervisors to instantly identify activities that need correction or additional training, as well as areas where agents are performing optimally.

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