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Welcome to Frontline Advisor Agent Help

Frontline Advisor for Agents (Agent Advisor) gives you a real−time view of your activity. Customizable alerts draw immediate attention to performance−related activity, good or otherwise.

Agent Advisor puts everything you need to track your progress in a single location, so you can capture the top−priority issues and quickly direct your attention to areas that may require attention.

Current status, performance, behavior, and activity-based data can be presented in customized views. Sophisticated, configurable business rules monitor key performance indicators and call attention to situations requiring immediate attention.

Agent Advisor is designed to help you raise your performance, enabling you to instantly identify activities that need correction or additional training, as well as areas where you are performing optimally.

Agent Advisor Interface

Agent Advisor is divided into two panes:

  • Team—Your team number or name displays in the gray tab on the left, and the columns in the pane give your overall status in real time. Time profiles as well as channels are displayed for your performance metrics.
  • My Alerts—Displays the details of your alerts.

Role−based Access

Access to alerts and metrics is controlled by roles defined by the administrator (role−based access). This means that you can only see alerts and metrics (and reports that concern such metrics) to which the administrator specifically grants access.

When you have access to a metric or alert:

  • You see the metric on the dashboard.
  • You see the metric on the column chooser.
  • You see alerts for the metric.
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