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My Alerts

The My Alerts view is hidden if you have not been granted access to it.

The details of your active and inactive alerts are displayed in the My Alerts view. Your name displays beside the My Alerts view.

  • Active alerts are those for which the rule is currently being violated.
  • Inactive alerts are those for which the behavior has been corrected and the rule is no longer being violated. Inactive alerts are removed and archived if the rule is not violated for a period equal to the time period of the rule.

Violations are displayed by default in reverse chronological order.

The details of the My Alerts view include:

  • Alert—The alert’s status (red for active, green for inactive). Values do not update in the My Alerts view until you log in.
  • Time—The time when the alert was last triggered (hh:mm).
  • Alert Detail—The rule description.
  • Note—A note for the alert from your supervisor.
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