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Access to metrics, time profiles, thresholds, and rules is controlled by user roles defined by your administrator (role−based access). Only metrics, time profiles, thresholds, and rules to which you have access are visible.

A threshold compares a measured value at a point in time to a threshold range to determine the status. Depending on the metric, a value may be acceptable above or below a certain value. Some thresholds trigger an alert if the value is below or above defined values.

For example, assume a goal within your contact center is for each agent to handle no more than five calls and no fewer than two within a 10−minute interval. If you work within these thresholds, then you are providing optimum customer service based on your contact center's goals. You are giving each customer enough of your time, but not too much (you are not keeping other customers waiting). If you handle fewer than two calls or more than five calls within a 10-minute interval, an alert is triggered.

Learn to make use of alerts to align your performance with your contact center's goals.
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