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Deleting Key Action Reports

You can edit or delete key action reports on the Alert Management module if you created the report (in other words, if you are the owner).

To delete a key action report, use the following procedure. If you do not have permissions to delete key action reports from the Alert Management module, the Edit/Delete column does not appear on your Alert Management module.

  1. Select the Key Action Reports-Alerts view on the Alert Management module. The Key Action Reports table appears above the Alerts table.
  2. Select one of the following:
    • A single row
    • Multiple individual rows by holding down the CRTL key and clicking on the individual rows to be selected
    • A contiguous block of rows by clicking the first row in the block then holding down the SHIFT key clicking on the last row in the block
  3. Click Delete. The Key Action Reports table refreshes.

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