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Edit the FA Message Listening Port

Frontline Advisor (FA) performs metric rollups in memory. For more information about Frontline Advisor's dynamic hierarchy, see the FA Dynamic Hierarchy topic.

Advisors Genesys Adapters (AGA) report source metrics directly to FA using a persistent connection. When an FA instance initially requests to register with an adapter, the request includes the host and port on which FA is listening for inbound connections. The host information is retrieved from the CLUSTER_MEMBER table in the Platform database. The message.listening.port entry in the FrontlineAdvisor.properties configuration file specifies the port. The value may be a static port number, or zero. Zero means that FA should use any available port. The default value is static port 8350.

Configuring the Messaging Port between FA and Advisors Genesys Adapter

The port on which FA listens for connections from AGA for source metric reporting is message.listening.port=8350.

The installation defaults to port 8350 for communication between FA and AGA. Post-installation, if you must change this port, go to the Advisor Platform installation /conf folder. Edit the FrontlineAdvisor.properties property file.

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