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Configuring Advisors as a Solution

Using a Genesys configuration interface, such as Genesys Administrator or Genesys Administrator Extension (GAX), you can create an Advisors Solution object that gives you centralized control: you can start, stop, and run the components as a group, rather than as individual Applications.

The following procedure describes how to configure the Advisors Application objects as a Solution.

Procedure: Create an Advisors Solution object

Purpose: To create an Advisors Solution using existing Advisors Application objects. Once the Advisors suite is configured as a Solution, you can start, stop, and run the Advisors components using either Genesys Administrator or the Solution Control Interface (SCI).


  • Ensure the Advisors Application objects exist that will be part of the Solution.


  1. Follow the Creating Solution Objects procedure, available on the Solutions page in the Genesys Administrator Extension Help, to create the Advisors Solution object. Note the following recommended settings for an Advisors Solution:
    • You must select an option for Solution Type, but note the following limitations:

      • If you select Default Solution Type or Framework, you might have problems to start and stop the Applications with the Solution Control Interface (see the Note related to this topic in the Creating Solution Objects procedure).
      • If you specify the type as Unknown, the Solution might fail to save.
    • For Application Type, use Genesys Generic Server for Advisors. Enter the precise version number of the Generic Server template in your system.

      If the Generic Server template version you enter does not match that of the template used for the Advisors Application objects, then you will not be able to start or stop the Solution; its commands will be disabled in menus and toolbars.

      If the Generic Server template versions are different for some of the Advisors Applications, make an entry for each version on the Application Definitions tab.

    • In the Application Definitions tab, you can use a Startup Priority of 1.

    • In the Applications tab, set the following startup priority for the Advisors Applications (it is acceptable to use the same Startup Priority number for more than one Application; Applications that have the same startup priority setting will start concurrently):
      1. Advisors Genesys Adapters (for Frontline Advisor [FA] and/or Contact Center Advisor [CCAdv]) = 1

      2. CCAdv XML Generator = 2

      3. FA Server = 2 or 3

      4. Advisors Administration, Platform, and CCAdv Web services = 4

      5. Workforce Advisor (WA) server = 5

      6. WA Web service = 6

        If you deploy WA Server and WA Web service together, and you configure one Application object that controls both, then set the startup priority as 5 for that Application object.

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