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Schedule Periodic Statistics Reissue

Starting in release 8.1.5, the Periodic Statistics Reissue Scheduling screen is no longer included in the Genesys Adapter installer.

For Contact Center Advisor and Workforce Advisor, use the Platform installation conf\AdvisorsGenesysAdapter.properties file to configure the schedule for the overnight reissue of statistics.

The property to configure in the file is:
periodicResetJob.cronExpression=0 0 2 * * ?

The default value is 2 AM refresh for CCAdv/WA.

Frontline Advisor automatically loads the hierarchy from the Genesys Configuration Server at startup and daily at 02:55 a.m., by default.

The reload frequency can be adjusted using the following setting in the Platform installation conf\FrontlineAdvisor.properties file:
#Cron expression that specifies how often FA should reload its hierarchy
hierarchy.reload.cronExpression=0 55 2 * * ?

The default setting is 2:55 a.m.

See documentation in the Quartz library to help you with configuration:

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