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Deployment Summary

The basic sequence of events for deploying Genesys Performance Management Advisors is shown below. This sequence is repeated throughout the book to help you understand where you are in the deployment process.

New3.png Advisors now integrate with the Genesys Management Layer. If you have installed earlier releases of Advisors and are familiar with the process, be aware that there are additional tasks required starting in release 8.5.1. See Integration with the Genesys Solution Control Server for information. The deployment summary below is specific to Advisors deployment; it assumes that you have installed the Local Control Agent (LCA) on any servers that require it, and that you have configured your Application and Host objects. During the deployment of the Advisors components, some installers will prompt you for information about Applications, Hosts, LCA, and the Solution Control Server (SCS).

New3.png Also starting in release 8.5.1, you register and manage Stat Servers differently than in previous releases. The Advisors Genesys Adapter installer no longer prompts you for Stat Server information. You now execute dedicated database procedures against the Advisors Platform database to:

  • register or remove Stat Server instances
  • add, edit, or remove Stat Server configuration settings related to Advisors

See Manage Advisors Stat Server Instances for information.

See the Prerequisites and the various deployment procedures in Deploying Advisors for detailed information.

Deployment Roadmap

  1. Install the databases that correspond to the Advisors products you will deploy:
    1. Advisors Genesys Adapter metrics database
    2. Advisors Platform database
    3. Advisors Cisco Adapter database (if you use ACA)
    4. Metric Graphing database
  2. Create the Advisors User and the Object Configuration User accounts.
  3. Install the Platform service (Geronimo) on servers on which you will deploy one of the following Advisors components:
    • Contact Center Advisor Web services
    • Workforce Advisor server or Web services
    • Frontline Advisor server or Web services
    • Contact Center Advisor–Mobile Edition server
    • Resource Management Console
  4. Install each adapter you will use (AGA and ACA).
  5. Register the Stat Servers that you plan to use with Advisors.
  6. Install the Advisors components for your enterprise:
    • Contact Center Advisor
    • Workforce Advisor
    • Contact Center Advisor – Mobile Edition
    • Frontline Advisor
    • SDS and Resource Management
  7. Make any required configuration changes.
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