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Customize the Advisors Interface

Use the following procedure to add your company's logo to the Advisors interface, or to change the color scheme.

1. To customize the logo on the Advisors login page, navigate to the following folder in the deployment directory:

C:\<installation directory>\baseweb\images

2. Replace the existing logo file (genesys-logo.png) with your custom logo.

The custom logo filename must be genesys-logo.png and the file should have the same dimensions as the genesys-logo.png file (112 x 26 pixels).

3. To customize colors in the Advisors modules, update the stylesheet for each installed module. You can find stylesheets in the following folder:

C:\<installation directory>\baseweb\landing\stylesheets

4. To modify colors on the login page, update the following stylesheet:

C:\<installation directory>\baseweb\modules\login\login.css

5. To add a custom message on the Login page, edit the remote-message text file in the following directory:

C:\<installation directory>\baseweb

You must retain the remote-message file name.

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