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Configure the Daily Reset Time for Statistics on a Stat Server

35px|link= Prior to Advisors release 8.5.101, statistics from each Stat Server for the One day/Growing time profiles reset daily at 00:00 hours (midnight) in the time zone configured at each Stat Server. If the Stat Servers were in a very different time zone than the Advisors users, then the statistics might reset during the users' work day.

Starting with Advisors release 8.5.101, you can specify at what time each Stat Server is to reset the statistics daily (that is, for the One day/Growing time profiles). Midnight (00:00 hours) continues to be the default value. You must specify the reset time for each Stat Server, as applicable. The configuration is applicable to both Contact Center Advisor/Workforce Advisor (CCAdv/WA) and Frontline Advisor (FA) Stat Servers configured on the respective Advisors Genesys Adapter (AGA) instances.

In the Stat Server options, the default time profile is defined in the TimeProfiles section. For example, the default value is:


In the preceding example, there is one time profile configured – it is the default growing time profile, and it is configured to grow for 24 hours (daily). The reset time is not specified; the Stat Server will reset, by default, at 00:00 hours. Another way to specify this is:


The value before the "+" sign indicates the reset time of 00:00 hours.

If you need to change the reset time for daily statistics, you must specify it using the 24-hour format. For example, if you want to specify a reset time of 02:00 hours, use the following configuration:


The name of the default time profile is configurable. If the default time profile already exists on a given Stat Server for other purposes, then you can configure a different time profile name to use with Advisors.

See also genesys_connector.default_time_profile.oneday = Default,Growing.

When do Changes Take Effect?

If you change the One day/Growing time profile reset time in the Stat Server options, the corresponding AGA instances must be restarted for the configuration changes to take effect. To avoid the restart, Genesys recommends that you configure the Stat Server TimeProfiles options, as required, at the time of deployment.

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