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Verify Server Connections

Use the information on this page to help you check that all connections are working correctly for Frontline Advisor.

In your browser, type:
http://<IP Address of FA Installation>: 8080/fa/com.informiam.fa.admin.gwt.AdminConsole/AdminConsole.html

If the server is configured correctly and this is the first time you are logging in, the Login page displays.

Use the following procedure to check that Apache routing is working. If configured correctly, the Login page will display.

1. Use the Firefox browser to connect directly to the Apache server. Use a URL that contains the host or IP address (and, optionally, the port if not on port 80) of the Apache server.
2. Log in.
3. Check the site.

The rules and thresholds are defined but disabled by default at the Enterprise level and cannot be removed from that level. Once the application starts up, these values can be changed and overridden at lower levels of the hierarchy for lower levels of control. See the Frontline Advisor Administration User's Guide for more information.

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