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Format Alert Messages sent by Advisors

You can format the e-mail about alerts that is sent by Contact Center Advisor XML Generator and Workforce Advisor Server. You can format both the subject and body text of an e-mail. You may want to shorten the text to accommodate the smaller screens of pagers.

The template files for messages' subjects and body text are available after either XML Generator or the WA server is installed.

Note the following:

  • If you format the CCAdv alert messages after deploying CCAdv, you must restart XMLGen.
  • If you format the WA alert messages after deploying WA, you must restart the Geronimo that is running WA Server.

The list of properties you could add with descriptive text appears in Message Properties below. The properties whose names end in .de are for inclusion in German text. The properties whose names end in .en are for inclusion in English text. The properties whose names end in .fr are for inclusion in French text. (Performance Management Advisors currently offer the French-language option in release 8.1.4 and 8.5.1.)

Properties without a suffix can be included in text in any language.

The names of business objects that you create in the Configuration Server are available in only one language. So, for example, in an e-mail sent about an alert, the name of a contact center will be in only one language. The contact center's name will replace both ${call.center.name.en} and ${call.center.name.de} in the template for the e-mail’s subject or body.

Even though the same object name replaces the property for the name in any language, it is still necessary to have three properties – one per language. If an object name is not present, Advisors enters the word none, which is different in every language.

To format alert messages, change any of the text in the template except the text between the brackets “{}”.

[+] Show Message Properties

[+] Show Examples

Language Order in Templates

If required, you can re-order the languages used in the e-mail templates by editing the template file directly.

Testing E-mail Sent by XML Generator

You can test the mail sent by XML Generator without actually running the application and configuring the conditions that would cause it to send the e-mail.

1. In the Solution Control Server UI, stop the application that controls CCAdv XML Generator on the system on which you are going to run the e-mail tester.
2. Change directory to the Advisors base directory (the one in which you installed Genesys Advisors), and then change it to \xmlgen.
3. Run the command:

emailtest.bat or
emailtest.sh or

4. Wait until the test application has exited, and check its output for errors.
5. Check the e-mail received at the address that is the value of the connectionFailureRetryParams.supportEmail property in conf/XMLGen.properties.
6. Update the templates for the e-mail and repeat the above steps until you are satisfied.
7. In the Solution Control Server UI, clear the effect of the e-mail tester: choose Stop again on the application that controls XML Generator.
8. Start CCAdv XMLGenerator again from the Solution Control Server UI.
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