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Advisors and the Backup Configuration Server

Starting in release 8.5.0, you can configure a connection from an Advisors server to a backup Configuration Server in addition to the primary Configuration Server connection. Connection to the backup Configuration Server is optional.

Backup Configuration Server Properties

The following backup Configuration Server properties are available in the conf/ file.

  • genesys.configServer.backup.port

If you configure a connection to the backup Configuration Server during installation, the information you enter is stored in the preceding properties.

You can modify the backup Configuration Server properties as needed to enable or disable backup Configuration Server support. To disable the connection to the backup Configuration Server post-installation, remove the backup Configuration Server name from the property. Restart Advisors Platform after you update the properties file.

How it Works

The backup Configuration Server must be set up as a warm standby to the primary Configuration Server. When the Advisors Platform server loses connection to the primary Configuration Server, connection to the backup Configuration Server happens automatically, including subscription to the same notifications from the backup Configuration Server that were received from the primary Configuration Server.

When the primary Configuration Server comes back online, it becomes the backup server and the former backup Configuration Server continues as the primary Configuration Server. Advisors supports subsequent switchovers between the primary and backup Configuration Servers.

The Platform log file records:

  • a lost connection to either the primary or the backup Configuration Server
  • re-connection to a Configuration Server
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