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Operation of Stat Server Redundant Pairs

Genesys Adapter maintains connections to both the primary and the backup Stat Servers as long as they are available, and requests the historical statistics from both the Stat Servers of the pair at the same time.

For the purposes of Advisors Genesys Adapter, primary and backup are determined by the options specified in the stored procedures. Primary and backup, in this case, are not related to the primary and backup Stat Server designation in Configuration Manager.

When connection to the primary is lost, Genesys Adapter switches over transparently to receiving Stat Server updates from the backup Stat Server. The historical counts, therefore, remain the same – even after the switchover.

After the first switchover, the configured backup Stat Server is now treated as the new primary Stat Server, but when the old primary server comes back online, no automatic switchover takes place. Instead, all the historical statistics are now requested from the old primary Stat Server.

Because the original primary Stat Server has only just come back online, it needs to be given sufficient time to accumulate historical aggregated statistic counts. One-day metrics are used in CCAdv; therefore there should be at least a day before the next switchover happens. If the switchover happens sooner, then those statistic values would be shown as aggregated from the time when the Stat Server came back online.

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