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Deploying Advisors

The Deploying Advisors section contains topics to assist you when you use the Performance Management Advisors installation files to deploy Advisors components. Ensure you read the Prerequisites before you begin deployment.

Deploying Components Controlled by SCS

For general information about deploying components controlled by the Genesys Solution Control Server, see:

Deploying Advisors Platform

To deploy Advisors Platform, see:

Deploying Advisors Genesys Adapter

To deploy Advisors Genesys Adapter, see:

Deploying Advisors Cisco Adapter

To deploy Advisors Cisco Adapter, see:

Deploying Contact Center Advisor or Workforce Advisor

To deploy Contact Center Advisor or Workforce Advisor, see:

Deploying Frontline Advisor and Agent Advisor

To deploy Frontline Advisor, see:

Deploying Resource Management Console

To deploy the Resource Management Console, see:

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