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Configuring RMC Users in the Genesys Configuration Layer (8.5.101 Only)

With the appropriate configuration, any Advisors user in release 8.5.101 and later can use the Resource Management Console (RMC). You configure a user’s access to RMC in the Configuration Layer.

For a known issue with multi-user use of RMC when you use Supervisor Desktop Service (SDS) release 7.6.300.09 and the RMC that shipped with Advisors Genesys Adapter release, see the Performance Management Advisors Genesys Adapter Release Note.

When configuring RMC users, consider the following:

  • In RMC, users see only agents and agent groups to which they have been granted at least Read permission in the Genesys Configuration Layer.
  • You can control what each user can do in RMC. For example, certain users might be able to change agents' skills in RMC, while other users cannot. See Advisors.RMC.ManageAgentSkills.canView and Advisors.RMC.ManageAgentStatus.canView for specific information.

Genesys recommends the following configuration when you assign RMC access permissions to a user:

  1. Create an access group; for example, RMC Users Access Group.
  2. Assign the permissions to the access group.
  3. Add the users as members to the access group.

The following procedure assumes you are using an access group of users who will have access to RMC on the Contact Center Advisor and/or Workforce Advisor dashboard.

See the following Help documents for detailed information about using the Genesys configuration interface available in your enterprise:

Procedure: Assigning User Permissions for RMC Access

Purpose: To configure User and Access Group objects in your enterprise to allow access to the RMC.


  • You have created an access group to contain users who will have access to RMC. (You will add users to this access group as part of the following procedure.)
  • You are logged in to the interface you use to configure Genesys applications (Configuration Manager, Genesys Administrator, or Genesys Administrator Extension).


  1. In the Genesys configuration interface, create a new person in your SDS-monitored tenant for each user who needs access to RMC. This can be the Environment tenant, or another tenant. For each person, do the following:
    1. If you use SDS release 7.6.300.09 or earlier in your environment, ensure that the Agent check box is selected (that is, identify this user as an agent). [https://docs.genesys.com/Documentation/PMA/8.5.1/CCAWAUser/file:new3.png 35px

Next Steps

In addition to the permissions that you assign to the user in the Configuration Layer, the user needs additional permissions assigned as options in the Annex of a role. Review the following Advisors permissions for additional information:
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