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Genesys CX Insights User's Guide

Welcome to the Genesys CX Insights User's Guide. Genesys CX Insights provides reports that summarize contact center activity. This document is valid only for the 9.0.x releases of Genesys CX Insights, and is intended for on-premise deployments of Genesys CX Insights. If you have Genesys CX Insights in the Genesys PureEngage Cloud, see the Reporting in the cloud guide.

This guide picks up where the Genesys CX Insights Deployment Guide leaves off. Begin to use this document only after you have:

  • configured Genesys Info Mart and its supporting applications to measure and record contact center activity.
  • installed and set up Reporting and Analytic Aggregates (RAA).
  • installed and set up your MicroStrategy environment.
  • installed and imported the appropriate reports and CX Insights Project.

This document describes the reports, metrics, attributes, and prompts that you will encounter in Genesys CX Insights, and describes:

  • how to manage the out-of-box reports that are deployed with Genesys CX Insights.
  • how to create or modify reports and the supporting project elements using MicroStrategy Web.
  • how project elements are organized to paint a picture of contact center activity within your enterprise.

This document describes the 9.0.x release(s) of Genesys CX Insights. For other releases of Genesys CX Insights, visit the Genesys Customer Care website, or request the Documentation Library DVD, which you can order by email from Genesys Order Management at Genesys Order Management.

Genesys CX Insights requires MicroStrategy software as follows:

GCXI Release Required MicroStrategy Release
9.0.007 10.11

About Genesys CX Insights

Genesys CX Insights provides reports and dashboards that summarize contact center activity. Reports display contact center activity using easy-to-read grids, while dashboards summarize a wider range of information using a variety of visual devices. Beginning with release 9.0, Genesys CX Insights replaces Genesys Interactive Insights, the historical reporting tool used in previous Genesys releases.

MicroStrategy software

This document does not describe in detail how to operate MicroStrategy software, because that information is provided in documentation provided by MicroStrategy. For more information about the operation of MicroStrategy Web, MicroStrategy Developer, or other tools provided by MicroStrategy, refer to the MicroStrategy Platform Documentation CD, or go directly to MicroStrategy product documentation online.

Because you can customize the appearance and functionality of MicroStrategy user interfaces, screens shown in this guide might differ from what you see in your environment.
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