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Pre-Agent Termination Report

This page describes how you can use the (Chat folder) Pre-Agent Termination Report to learn more about calls that terminated without connecting to an agent.

Understanding the Pre-Agent Termination Report


This report shows statistics for interactions that were terminated before connecting to an agent, including:

  • Sessions created
  • Sessions abandoned
  • The average duration before the sessions were abandoned

Use this report to understand the circumstances that led to pre-agent termination of interactions.

To get a better idea of what this report looks like, view sample output from the report:

The following tables explain the prompts you can select when you generate the report, and the metrics and attributes represented in the report:

Prompts for the Pre-Agent Termination Report

Prompt Description
Pre-set Date Filter From the list, choose a time period on which to report, and move it to the Selected list.
Start Date Choose the first day from which to gather report data.
End Date Choose the last day from which to gather report data.
Tenant For multi-tenant environments, optionally select the tenant(s) for which to include data in the report.

Attributes used in Pre-Agent Termination Report

Attribute Description
Day This attribute enables data within the reporting interval to be organized by a particular day.

Metrics used in the Pre-Agent Termination Report

Metric Description
Sessions Created The total number of sessions created during the reporting period.
Sessions Abandoned The number of sessions during the reporting period that were abandoned by the caller before connecting to an agent.
Sessions Offered The total number of sessions offered during the reporting period.
Avg Duration Before Abandonment (Fmt) The average duration (HH:MM:SS) of sessions that were subsequently abandoned by the caller without connecting to an agent.
Max Duration Before Abandonment (Fmt) The maximum length of time(HH:MM:SS) that any caller waited before abandoning the call without connecting to an agent.
% Abandoned Sessions The percentage of sessions that were abandoned without connecting to an agent, relative to the total number of sessions that were established.
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