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Genesys CX Insights 9.0 on-premises Projects Reference Guide

This document describes objects that are used in Genesys CX Insights projects (and reports), focusing on metrics, attributes, and the folders that are used to organize them.

This document is intended for Genesys Engage on-premises deployments of Genesys CX Insights, and is useful when customizing reports and for other advanced uses. For information about how to customize reports, see Customizing reports in the Genesys Customer Experience Insights User's Guide. For more information about other topics, including other Genesys software or MicroStrategy software, see Additional resources.

While Genesys CX Insights uses the same projects for Genesys Engage cloud customers, Genesys Engage cloud customers should contact their Genesys representative for information about how the information in this document might apply to their deployment.

How this document is organized

For information about how Genesys CX Insights Projects work, see the following page:

Subsequent pages provide detailed information about individual folders, metrics, or attributes, organized by project and by folder, as follows:

The following projects are available:

Additional information about Genesys CX Insights and related products:


This document describes objects that are visible to business users. This document:

  • does not describe all objects — it describes only objects that are visible to business users.
  • does not describe advanced background (also known as low-level) objects , such as Schema objects (call folder, facts, etc). — If you are not an advanced MicroStrategy user, you may not realize that there are so many other objects that we don't need to use. Those are the low-level objects, which users can ignore.
  • does not describe underlying facts — Metrics described in this document rely on data from underlying fact tables, and may share the same name as facts, but facts are not described in this document.
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