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Genesys CX Insights

Genesys Customer Experience Insights (Genesys CX Insights or sometimes GCXI) provides a presentation layer that extracts data from the Genesys Info Mart database, and presents it in readable historical reports to enable business and contact center managers to make better business decisions for streamlining operations, reducing costs, and providing better services.

For Genesys Cloud customers, depending on the release of Genesys Cloud that you are using, historical reporting is available through either the Genesys Interactive Insights (GI2) interface, or through Genesys CX Insights. See also Genesys Info Mart, Reporting and Analytics Aggregates (RAA), and Genesys Interactive Insights (GI2).



Genesys CX Insights Deployment Guide

Welcome to the Genesys CX Insights Deployment Guide. This document introduces you to the configuration, installation, setup, and start procedures that are relevant to the setup of Genesys Customer Experience Insights (Genesys CX Insights), and the operation of Genesys CX Insights reports. This document is valid only for the 9.0.x releases of Genesys CX Insights, and is intended for on-premise deployments of Genesys CX Insights. If you have Genesys CX Insights in the Genesys PureEngage Cloud, see the Reporting in the cloud guide.

Example Report

For versions of this document that have been created for other releases of these products, visit the Genesys Customer Care website, or request the Documentation Library DVD, which you can order by email from Genesys Order Management.

Example Dashboard

About Genesys CX Insights

Genesys CX Insights provides reports and dashboards that summarize contact center activity. Reports display contact center activity using easy-to-read grids, as shown in the figure Example Report, while dashboards summarize a wider range of information using a variety of visual devices, such as those shown in the figure Example Dashboard. Genesys CX Insights 9.0 is powered by MicroStrategy software. For information about what releases of MicroStrategy software are required, see the Genesys CX Insights Product Alert.

Beginning with release 9.0, Genesys CX Insights replaces Genesys Interactive Insights (GI2), the historical reporting tool used in previous Genesys releases. For information about historical reporting in older deployments that use GI2, see the GI2 documentation.

As with many illustrations in this document, the figures shown here are thumbnails; click them to view a larger version.

Genesys CX Insights Product Alert

Genesys Customer Experience Insights 9.0.0 interoperates with the following releases of other products:

This table lists interoperability requirements for General releases, but lists Update releases only if software version requirements are different from those listed for the preceding General release.
GCXI Release MicroStrategy Release Kubernetes/Docker* RAA Release Genesys Info Mart Release iWD Release 11.1.0000.0123 (MicroStrategy 2019) v1.14.1-v1.14.3/18.06.1-ce...18.09.1-ce ( for Chat Thread reporting) / 11.1.0000.0123 (MicroStrategy 2019) v1.13.1...1.13.4/18.06.1-ce...18.09.1-ce

v1.12.2/18.06.1-ce (8.5.013 for Media Neutral reporting) / 10.11.0100.0011 v1.13.1/18.09.1-ce

v1.12.2/18.06.1-ce (except Co-browse) na 10.11.0100.0011 v1.12.2/18.06.1-ce

v1.11.3/18.06.1-ce (docker 1.12.3 for demo) na 10.11.0100.0011 v1.11.3/18.06.1-ce

v1.10.5/17.03.1-ce (docker 1.12.3 for demo) ( to support latest Callback functionality) 8.5.01* ( to support latest Callback functionality) na
*For more information about what Docker releases interwork with a given Kubernetes release, see the Kubernetes release notes.
Genesys CX Insights supports reporting on asynchronous chat (Async chat). Note, however, that this feature requires a specific release of Genesys Info Mart. Check with your Genesys representative to see if a release of Genesys Info Mart with Async chat support is available.
  • Interaction Concentrator (ICON) 8.x and Genesys Info Mart 8.x might report ACW even if the agent does not accept a call (or consultation) but has ACW unrelated to the call. This recording leads to incorrect ACW, Handle Time, and related measures in some of the aggregates and reports. Refer to the release notes of these products for further information. (ER 258562765)
  • The Genesys CX Insights reports count an invitation for collaboration that an agent declines as Consult Received Accepted when the agent uses Genesys Agent Desktop (or a custom desktop using the same SDK) to decline the invitation. Refer to ER 247946331 in the Genesys Info Mart 8.0 Release Notes for additional information. (ERs 250850268, 247946331)
  • Because Interaction Concentrator 8.x does not support one-step conferences for SIP Server, Genesys Info Mart cannot populate the proper conference-related fields in the INTERACTION_RESOURCE_FACT table. As a result, this activity is not reported within the Genesys CX Insights reports. (ER 239356191)
  • Genesys CX Insights is powered by Microstrategy software. Additional documentation for Microstrategy software is available at www.microstrategy.com
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