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Section: agg-feature
Default Value: No default value
Valid Values: None. This option takes no values—its presence alone within the [agg-feature] section issues the described instructions to RAA.
Changes Take Effect: After restart of the aggregation process
Introduced: 8.5.003

Instructs RAA to enable the Bot Gateway Server (BGS) table: AGT_BGS_SESSION. To have RAA exclude BGS data, remove this option from this section.

Chat Bot reports and dashboards

This page describes reports or dashboards you can use to learn more about chat bot volumes, statistics, and outcomes in your contact center. Reports in the Chat Bot folder are ready-to-use, but as always, can be modified to suit your specific business needs.

Reports in this folder require that specific RAA options be enabled: enable-bgs. For more information, see the Genesys CX Insights Deployment Guide.

About Chat Bot reports


The following reports / dashboards are available in the CX Insights > Chat Bot folder:

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