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Modifying a Sellable Item

Modifying a Sellable Item

  1. In the Provisioned Sellable Items List screen, select a provisioned item. The <provisioned item name> panel is displayed to the right.
  2. In the <provisioned item name> panel, modify one or more of the following properties:
    1. The name of the Genesys application that you want to provision. Click the magnifying glass in the Sellable Item field to open the Sellable Items panel. Click the radio button that is displayed beside the name of the application that you want to provision.
    2. The date at which the sellable item can be utilized (the Provision Effective Date). Click in the Provision Effective Date (GMT) field, and either enter the date or use the calender picker to specify the date.
    3. The number of provisioned seats for the application (the Provision Usage Limit). Click in the Provision Usage Limit field, and enter the number of licenses that are available for sale to the tenant.
  3. Click Save to commit the changes to the sellable item to the tenant.
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