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Genesys Administrator Extension enables you to configure, maintain, and report on the maximum concurrent sellable items (service bundles) that a tenant is entitled (contracted) to use. You use the Provisioning screen to configure the value for each application. The value is stored in the License Reporting Manager database. You can report this value as part of a License Utilization Report.

To display the Provisioned Sellable Items List screen, in the header, go to Reports > License Reporting > Provisioning. This screen contains a table that lists the following items, by tenant:

Property Description
Sellable Item Sellable Genesys application name, sorted by tenant.
Provision Effective Date (GMT) The date at which the sellable item can be utilized. The license is presumed to begin at 12:00am (000h) GMT on the date that is specified.
Provision Usage Limit The number of available (provisioned) seats for the application.

The Provisioned Sellable Items List screen enables you to perform the following functions:

  • Add (provision) a new sellable item to a tenant
  • Modify the effective date or provision count of a sellable item that has been provisioned to a tenant
  • Delete a sellable item from the Provisioned Sellable Items List for tenant
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