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Executing Bulk Change Sets

Executing Bulk Change Sets

To execute a Bulk Change Set, perform the following steps:

  1. In the header, go to Operations > System > Bulk Change Sets.
  2. Select a Bulk Change Set in the Bulk Change Sets list. A new panel with more information about the Bulk Change Set opens to the right.
  3. You can choose to validate the Bulk Change Set before execution. Click the Validate button to ensure that the Bulk Change Set is ready to be executed.
  4. Important
    The Validate button is useful in determining whether the Bulk Change Set is ready to be executed or whether it is dependent on other Bulk Change Sets to be executed first. For example: Some Additions depend on other objects to be added. You might want to update several agents with a new skill. However, the skill must be created first, before the agents can be updated. In this scenario, clicking the Validate button will verify that the skill has been created.
  5. Click the Execute button to execute the Bulk Change Set. You can view the status of the Bulk Change Set in the Completed Bulk Changes panel.
A Solution Definition file is created when a Bulk Change Set is executed. See the Completed Bulk Changes panel for instructions on how to download the Solution Definition file.
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