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Agent Groups

An agent group is a logical grouping of agents. Agent groups are typically set up to provide particular sets of contact-center services.

The Agent Groups panel lists the agent groups that are in your environment. It is sorted in a hierarchy by tenants, configuration units, sites, and folders.

Information.png Note: Agent groups that are disabled will appear grayed out in the list.

Tenancy Permission Settings

Account Management respects tenancy permission settings. You can access only those objects that you have been granted permission to access.

You can filter the contents of this list in two ways:

  • Type the name or partial name of an object in the Quick Filter field.
  • Click the Tenant Filter button to open the Tenant filter panel. In this panel, click the check box beside each tenant that you want to select. Use the Quick Filter field in this panel to filter the tenant list.


Click the name of an agent group to view additional information about the object. You can also set options and access control.

You can perform the following tasks from the Agent Groups panels:

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