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Enabling or Disabling Capacity Rules

There are multiple methods to enable or disable a capacity rule:

Enabling or Disabling a Single Capacity Rule

  1. Go to Accounts > System > Capacity Rules.
  2. Select a capacity rule. A new panel opens to the right.
  3. In the new panel, perform one of the following actions:
  • If the capacity rule is currently enabled, click the Disable button.
  • If the capacity rule is currently disabled, click the Enable button.

Enabling or Disabling Multiple Capacity Rules

  1. In the header, go to Accounts > System > Capacity Rules.
  2. In the Capacity Rules panel, select the check box beside each capacity rule that you want to enable or disable.
  3. Click the Bulk Change button. A pop-up menu displays. Select Enable to enable the selected capacity rules or Disable to disable the selected capacity rules.
  4. A dialog box displays to confirm the action:
  • Click the OK button to continue.
  • Click the Cancel button to discard the action.
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