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Use this page to view or change any of the following settings:


  • Account Name - The name of the account.
  • Caller ID - This is the number that will appear on customer’s Caller ID display. It should be a valid number that belongs to you or your contact center (in many locations, this is a legal requirement). You can override the Caller ID number when you create or edit a dialing profile.
  • DAP name - The name of the Database Access Point (DAP) object.
  • Format name - The name of the format applied to the Table Access object.
  • Disposition Codes - The name of the configuration object (In the configuration database) that stores the disposition codes that CX Contact refers to when applying call treatments. Refer to the Retry Options page for more information.


  • Country Code - The country code associated with the account.
  • Timezone - The default timezone associated with the contacts loaded from a list.
  • Locale - The preferred language for the account.
  • Reports Default Time Zone - The timezone used for reports.


  • Default timezone - The timezone associated with the account.
  • Default region - The default timezone associated with the contacts loaded from a list.
  • Default timezone on error - If there is a system-level error when processing timezones, the timezone specified here becomes the default for the record.
  • Max split lists - The maximum number of list partitions that can be created from a contact list using selection rules.


All options on this page are reserved for future use. Note: Editing these parameters will not yield any results in CX Contact.


  • Target Abandon Rate- The target call abandonment rate. For example, if you specify 3%, the system adjusts the number of calls dialed to achieve the 3% goal. Call pacing may increase and decrease as the target rate fluctuates.
  • Abandon Call Definition - The number of seconds used to determine whether a call is considered abandoned.
  • Maximum Attempts per Minute (Voice, SMS, and Email) - The maximum allowable number of contact attempts per minute for Voice, SMS, and Email channels.
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