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Configure a Dashboard

The Configure Dashboard window contains 5 tabs that enable you to determine how the specific Analytics dashboard should be viewed and what information should and should not be included.

Configuration of the Configure Dashboard window is specific to each dashboard. For example, if you open the Configure Dashboard window in the User Actions dashboard, select Editable in the General tab and click Save, Editable will only be selected for the Users Action dashboard.

For details about each tab in the Configure Dashboard window, refer to one or more of the following sections:

When configuring the Configure Dashboard window, you must click Save to ensure that your changes are not lost.

To open the Configure Dashboard window, select the Analytics menu and click the Configure Dashboard icon ConfigureDashboardicon.png in the top right corner of the Analytics screen.


In the Configure Dashboard > General tab (see image below) you can change one or more of the following options:

Parameter Description
Title The dashboard title.
Style Reserved for future use.
Editable Enables you to lock the specific dashboard so that it cannot be changed in the future.
Hints ? Reserved for future use.

Cd general tab.png


In the Configure Dashboard > Labels tab (see image below) you can change the default name of each field (that is, the Label name) to a name with a meaning that you can easily understand.

Change a field name

  1. Type the field name in the Field Name text box. A list of fields with the letters you typed appears.
  2. Select the field whose name you want to change.
  3. In the Field label text box type the new name for the selected field and click the Add new field icon Addnewlabelfield-icon.png.
  4. Click Save.

Cd label tab.png


In the Configure Dashboard > Rows tab (see image below) you can add and/or remove dashboard rows. The dashboard row enables you to control the specific dashboard layout with height and row order configuration options.

Add / Remove a Dashboard Row

  1. Type the name of the new dashboard row and enter a row height.
  2. Click Create Row.
  3. Click Save.
To delete a dashboard row click the Delete row icon Deleterowicon.png next to the name of the row. To change the location of each row in the dashboard, click the up or down arrow Dashboardupdownrow.png associated with the row you want to move.

Cd rows tab.png

Time Settings

In the Configure Dashboard > General tab (see image below) you can change one or more of the following options:

Parameter Description
General time field The primary field that contains the time stamp.
Display time format The time format you wish to see displayed. For example, YYYY/DD/MM, or hhmmss, and so on.
Other time fields Select optional time fields to be displayed in the format selected in Display time format.

Cd timesettings tab.png

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