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Configure a Dashboard Row

In each Analytics dashboard you can create one or more rows. The dashboard row enables you to control the specific dashboard layout with height and row order configuration options.

To configure a dashboard row

  1. Hover over the three small blue rectangles Threeleftsideoptions.png to the left of the row you want to configure and when the options appear click the Configure row option Configurerow.png.
  2. In the General tab configure following options:
    Title - The name of the row.
    Height - The row height.
    Editable - Enables you to lock the specific dashboard so that it cannot be changed in the future.
    Collapsable - Select Collapsable to enable the Collapsable Row option.
  3. In the Panels tab delete, move and/or hide the existing panels.
  4. In the Add Panel tab, create a new panel for the selected row. For details about creating a new panel refer to the Create an Analytics Dashboard Panel page.
  5. Click Save.

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