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Device Import Detail Report Dashboard

The content of this document has been moved and is no longer being updated in this location.
For the latest content and most recent updates, see the CX Contact Help on the Genesys Multicloud site.

The Device Import Detail Report Dashboard Analytics-preloading.png contains data about Device Import Detail Report results.

Device Import Detail Reports can contain data associated with one or more of the following fields.

Other 1-N fields of type string are supported for the Device Import Detail Record Dashboard.
Field Type Description
@timestamp date The ISO format of the index timestamp.
jobid keyword The Import jod ID.
jobts date The timestamp of the start of the Import job.
importfile keyword The original input Import file name.
line integer The line number in the Import file.
useSpecificationFile keyword The Specification file.
mappingfile keyword The name of the Specification file.
ccid keyword Contact center ID.
listid integer Calling list database ID.
listTableName keyword Calling list database table name.
chain_id integer Indicates the Contact ID in the database table.
customTZMap boolean The selected Custom Time Zones.
listName keyword Calling list name.
id keyword The Index ID.
type keyword The type of list.
chain_n integer The number of the device in the contact/chain.
contact_info keyword The phone number that should be dialed.
defaultRegion keyword The Settings default region configuration.
accepted byte Indicates if the recorded has been accepted. 0-false, 1-true.
dbAccepted integer Indicates whether or not an error occurred when the saving to the database. 0 - was error, 1 - no. Default value is 1.
error keyword Indicates the processing device error.
deviceIndex short Device index.
maskValue long Device mask value.
mask object Device mask per bits.
deviceDigits text The original Input file device string.
e164 keyword The e164 format of the device number.
countryCode keyword Country code.
areaCode keyword Area code.
exchange keyword The device number Exchange part.
restOfNumber keyword The Rest part of the device number.
extension integer Extension
tzuid integer Device Time Zone Java UID.
state_code keyword The State code detected in the device number.
country_code_iso keyword Device ISO Country code.

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