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SCXML-based Treatments

If you've created an SCXML treatment script and want to apply those treatment parameters to a dialing session, you can specify the URI to the SCXML treatment script in CX Contact. CX Contact navigates to the specified server or remote directory and stores the file internally. When you use this option, the system applies all treatment parameters defined in the SCXML treatment script and ignores all treatment parameters previously defined in CX Contact.

To specify the URI to an SCXML treatment script:

  1. Select the Treatment tab for the dialing profile, campaign template, or campaign group.
  2. Move the Scripting treatments switch to the On position.
  3. Specify the URI address.

Valid URI formats are as follows:

  • http://hostname/[directory]/script-name.scxml
  • file://host/path/script-name.scxml
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