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Create an Email Template

If you plan to run a campaign using the email channel, you can build and modify email templates in CX Contact. This page explains how.

To get started, you need to create an Email dialing profile

When you set up your email profile, you'll see a tab named Content. This is where you'll create the email content and specify all associated parameters.

CXC Email ContentTab.png

To begin, specify the following general information:

  • Type - General is the only option. (Future releases will include support for additional types of Email templates).
  • Labels - If you plan to personalize messages using fields you defined in a labeling schema, select the labeling schema here. Otherwise, the Pesonalization menu will populate the default CX Contact list fields. See the Personalized Content section below for more information.
  • From - Specify the sender's email address.
  • Reply to - Specify the email address that accepts responses to the original email.
  • Subject - The text that appears in the subject line of the email. This text can be personalized.
  • Enable Friendly Options - If you enable friendly options, you can specify easily identifiable names in the To, From, and Reply to fields. The text in these fields can be personalized.
CXC Email FriendlyOptions.png

Create Message Content

You have two options for creating email content: use the visual editor to create and format all message content or upload an HTML file containing the message content.

Visual Editor

To use the visual editor, set the Use Visual Editor switch to the On position. The visual editor box appears onscreen, enabling you to create and format text and graphics.

CXC Email VisualEditor.png


To upload an HTML file containing the message content, go to Browse for HTML -> Select File. Two new options appear onscreen:

  • Preview - Used to view the message content contained in the HTML file.
  • Send Test Email - Used to confirm that the email can be successfully delivered and received.

Personalize Message Content

You can personalize message content in the following sections of an email:

  • In the subject line
  • When using 'friendly' options - the To, From, and Reply to fields
  • In the body of an email

The instructions for adding personalized content to a body of a message depend on whether you're using the visual editor to create content or importing an HTML file that contains the content.

Visual Editor

To personalize content when using the visual editor:

  1. Select the labeling schema from the Labels menu.
  2. From the Personalization menu, drag the contact list field name tag to the body of the message.

Action: You write: Hi followed by the First Name tag:
CXC Email FirstNameTag.png

Result: The system scans the contact's information and finds that the First Name value for this contact is John. The customer receives the following email message: Hi John


Personalizations in imported HTML

To personalize the content in an imported HTML file, use the following format: tag <t> and attribute value. The value must contain the exact name of the value from the list of allowed send attributes.


  • <p>Lorem <t value="$first_name">First Name</t> ipsum</p>
  • <p>Lorem <t value="$first_name"></t> ipsum</p>
  • <t value="$first_name"></t>
  • <t value="$first_name"/>

Add an Unsubscribe Link

If you want to give customers the option to unsubscribe from your mailing list, set the Enable Unsubscribe switch to the On position.

Next, specify the URI to the unsubscribe confirmation page.

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